Overview Document Management Software

         For over a decade, employees have been pressured to reduce the complexity and improve the efficiency of managing their paperwork. However, many employees have resisted ISO standards in this direction because of the increased documentation it requires. They believe that document control procedures reduce their individual effectiveness rather than improve the overall quality of their organizations and products. As a consequence, some organizations have failed to adopt standardized document control procedures in order to meet unique customer needs and expectations. Finally, the mess of document management will lead to problems with both quality and efficiency in your organization. A basic understanding of and adherence to ISO standards, however, can help any company to succeed over the long haul.

         Document Management Software how do you make these standards manageable and get your staff to focus on the real benefits of “Quality”, “Efficiency”, and “Effectiveness”? Is there any tool that makes document management both easy and professional?

Papyrus – the enterprise document management software solution

document management softwarePapyrus is document management software a complete web-based solution for document control management that provides document routing, approval, distribution, and version/revision control in compliance with ISO standards. Users will be assured that only updated document versions are being used at all times. With systems-based version/revision control, electronic document approval with password-protection, and automatic document distribution, Papyrus helps your organization to completely automate the document control process which improves efficiency and quality. Operating costs and business opportunity loss will be dramatically reduced with the first implementation of this powerful system. 

         Papyrus is document management software has designed to support both role-based and person-based approvals. Documents will follow a pre-designed step-by-step approval path based on predefined roles. This feature makes Papyrus flexible and approvals for distribution easy to manage with no effect from employee turnover. Papyrus prevents document loss. All document activities can be tracked when routed through the Papyrus system. Users will be notified by email to their mailbox. The email provides document information including the awaiting action with a jump-start link to the document's page so that the user can interact with the specific document with a single click. Users on the distribution list can send acknowledgements for each document individually. Papyrus supports any type of document your company may use, such as PR, PO, CAR, MSDS, Request for Leave, and many others,thanks to the freeform form-design function. Papyrus also provides links to your legacy applications in order to implement a full paperless system.
         Document Management Software of Papyrus is designed for ease of use by those with fewer computer skills. So there will be less resistance from the users in your office. With the security system, you can process important documents in Papyrus, which will deter unauthorized persons from document access.

         No matter what business you do, Papyrus helps you reduce paper in your organization and shortens implementation time with an accurate on-line system. It will change your company's responsiveness and the way you manage it.